Company AMUS d.o.o. specializes in manufacturing of products made of expanded polystyrene. The production facility is located in central Istria, in the enterprise zone – Podberam in the city of Pazin.

The products are intended for building construction industry, building construction accessories, packaging, and products protection.

Production range:

  • EPS thermal insulation boards of different thickness – self-extinguishing for various applications in building construction (in compliance with HRN EN 13163 Standard)
  • EPS thermal insulation boards of different thickness, exclusively for application in ETICS systems (self-extinguishing, according to HRN EN 13163 and HRN EN 13499 Standards)
  • EPS cut shapes (interior and external decorations, roof cornices,…)
  • EPS packaging: fish boxes, fruit and vegetable boxes, cut packaging,…
  • Cut EPS packaging materials for cushioning fragile items inside other packages, EPS granules and ground EPS for production of mortar and light concrete.


  • Window frame profiles
  • Window sill profiles
  • Eaves profiles
  • Venting roof profiles
  • Venting façade profiles
  • Sign letters


EPS has outstanding thermal insulation qualities which make it a first choice material for many construction applications. By acting as a highly efficient thermal insulator, EPS can make a significant contribution to energy saving. The use of EPS in thermal insulation reduces CO2 emissions by up to 50%.

EPS has extremely low moisture absorption. It does not promote the growth of microorganisms, and it offers exceptional durability.

EPS is 100% recyclable material. During production all scrap materials can be recycled by grinding up and can be used to form new products.